Tips as well as policies: The best ways to safely tow a Car

Do not involve the steering wheel lock

If a damaged vehicle is connected to the hook, the ignition secret need to be embeded the ignition lock on the initial stage in the ignition lock to ensure that the steering wheel lock does not engage. The towing cord or rod must be approved for the weight of the roadway car. ” Additionally, the automobile to be towed ought to not be substantially larger and heavier than the pulling vehicle”, recalls Hubert Paulus of Towing Detroit .

Towing bar much better than rope

When selecting a towing tool, specialists suggest the stiff bar. “The lugging bar makes sure a consistent distance in between both automobiles and protects against the Hintermann accidentally launching,” discusses Zwick. Frequently, the stopping impact is substantially reduced in the break down lorry because, when the engine is switched off, the brake booster is not supported. The servo control does not work also, the automobile is harder to guide.

With rod, the cars and truck can be much better regulated

A more benefit of the hauling bar is that it makes certain a greater running control and also therefore a much better control over the failure vehicle. This is essential, for example, on snow as well as ice. The only drawback: tow bars are much heavier and with prices from 30 euros more expensive than a tow rope for regarding ten euros.

Just attach the hauling wire to the eyelets

The towing wire needs to be noted with a flag and also should not be longer than 5 meters. “It has to never ever be connected to body components such as the bumper,” cautions Friedemann Braus of Dekra. Only the pulling lugs given on the wagon offer a secure link, he stresses.

No chauffeur’s license called for

The chauffeur does not need a chauffeur’s certificate in the break down automobile by the way, only a minimum age of 15 years applies. ADAC considers this guideline to be overtaken: “It comes from a time when there was still a lot less website traffic and also the automobiles were not practically advanced until now,” says Paulus.

Program directional modifications by hand

He strongly suggests that only the most seasoned drivers sit on the wheel of both cars. This is because of an uncommon additional job: Because the danger warning light need to continue to be activated without interruption throughout towing, both directions need to be shown manually signals. When the chauffeur transforms left, it is simpler than right-turning, and also the driver is best to direct his distribute of the left-hand side of the vehicle window.

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